Sunday, September 28, 2008

National Media Conference 2008 - A Roundup

A National Media Conference and Exhibition 2008 was organised by Brahmakumaris (a well knwon spiritual organisation) and Global Forum for Public Relations (GFPR) at Mount Abu from 20th September 2008. Around 2000 media and PR professionals across the country and Nepal participated.

Many eminent professionals shared their views on the current trends in media and communication. Please watch the podcast on the National Conference- Roundup. Rajayogi B K Karuna, Vice Chairman of Media Wing of Brahmakumaris and also the President of GFPR explains the purpose and the proceedings.

(streaming of this podcast will be good in the broadband of minimum 150 kbps. If it is less than this, you may download and then watch fully or allow this to buffer fully and then watch)

You may also watch this podcast from the following links

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Floating stone used in Ram Setu - Scientific validation

Ramayana and other Indian scriptures mention about the floating stones used by Hanuman and other Vanara Sena to build Ram Setu connecting India and Srilanka, from Rameswaram. Recently, we came across two such stones picked up from the Ram Setu. Please see them floating in water and also listen to the scientific validation by Dr S Kalayanaraman, an eminent researcher.

Please click to play (6m 21 s)

You may also watch the podcast from the following links (audio only)

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