Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Action 2020 - UnConference - Dr Abdul Kalam's interaction session - Audio

Participants of Action 2020 UnConference held at Chennai on 17th Jan 2009 organised by India Vision 2020 group
Action 2020 - UnConference was organised by India Vision online group on Saturday the 17th Jan 2009 at Chennai. In our earlier posts, we have given a brief report of the event and also published the photos. The whole event was organised by the young organising team of working professionals and students. (Photo above - participants)

The highlight of the event was the interaction session with Dr Abdul Kalam, former President of India over phone. His telephonic conversation was fed into the speakers so that the entire audience could listen. After his speech, he also answered questions from the youth.

Nandini, of Bangalore belonging to 'Changes' group asked Dr Kalam as to how corruption could be eliminated. Another participant Mr Prakash of Chennai from 'Bhoomi' group requested Dr Kalam to give some motivating quotes for reproduction in Schools.

After nearly 20 minutes of the interaction session, Dr Kalam requested the audience to repeat the slogan "I can do it; We can do it' India can do it." along with him. This energised the entire audience and inspired them to work with more dedication.

Please read the text of his speech in the following link

Please listen to unedited version of Dr Kalam's interaction session ( 19 m 30 s) by clicking 'play' button. (The streaming will be smooth in broadbands. If streaming is not smooth, please download the audio in mp3 format (18 mb) and listen through any mp3 player)

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pune based Indus Health pioneers in 'preventive health care'

Indus Health Plus Pvt. Ltd, PuneWhile health care is getting projected in a large way in India, 'preventive health care' is not getting adequate attention. Pune based Indus Health Plus, for the past eight years, has been creating awareness about this 'preventive health care' in a successful manner, in an affordable cost. In partnership with many reputed institutions, they have transformed the lives of nearly 1.5 lakh people by way of diagnosis and health education, at different places.

As part of their CSR activity, they have now decided to support the 'under privileged' children of Municipal schools. These children would be diagnosed and given proper health awareness free of cost. For this purpose, they have organised a motivational seminar with Mr Shiv Khera, at Pune and Mumbai, with the support of various sponsors, priced at lower level. They would like to use the funds generated out of this, for supporting the poor children.

L - R : Parnal Dekhne -JMD , Kanchan  Naikawadi; Managing Director and Amol Naikawadi Joint Managing Director- Indus Health Plus Pvt. Ltd, Pune(Photo: L - R : Parnal Dekhne - JMD , Kanchan Naikawadi; Managing Director and Amol Naikawadi Joint Managing Director)

In a freewheeling conversation for PodUniversal, Mr Amol Naikawadi, Joint Managing Director of Indus Health Plus Pvt Limited, explains the importance of preventive health care and their activities.

Please click 'play' to listen to Mr Amol Naikawadi ( 10 m 30 s). (The streaming will be smooth in broad band. If the streaming is not smooth, you may download the mp3 file and play with any m3 player)

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Bilp TV

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Cartoon is a global language - Great tool for business houses

PodUniversal Edition 56

In an exclusive interview for PodUniversal, Mr Triambak Sharma, Editor of Cartoon Watch, the only Cartoon magazine published in India from Raipur, speaks about the various aspects of cartoons, intolerance of politicians for cartoons, cartoons as a great communication tool in the business houses.
Please click to play.  (The streaming of audio will be smooth, in broadbands.  In case, you find any difficulty, please download in mp3 format and play in any mp3 player)
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