Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Job opportunities in healthcare 'Revenue cycle management' - Ajuba CEO exclusive

US entrepreneurs nowadays have started preferring India for setting up their business units.  Though many countries are in the race, India is the most preferred country for them, because of 'english speaking' workforce, commitment, stability of democracy and judiciary, etc. 
Mr Tony Mira, CEO, Ajuba Group
Last week, I had the opportunity of meeting Mr Tony Mira, President and CEO of MiraMed, a Michigan (USA) based company.  MiraMed owns Ajuba International in USA and Ajuba Solutions in India.  Ajuba group is a 'healthcare revenue cycle management' company.  They service 25 US based leading companies in healthcare. He was on a short visit to India. 
Revenue cycle management involves medical coding, medical billing. transaction processing, and Account Receivable (AR) follow up, etc.  Due to strict regulations in US, this job involves more level of complexities.  
According to Mr Tony Mira, around 1800 employees are working in Chennai. India is a good destination for US companies for setting up 'Revenue cycle management' outsourcing centres for healthcare.  More such business opportunities are available from all over the world, besides US, Ajuba plans to increase their workforce to 4000 by 2014.Ajuba is also rated as one of the top 25 ' Great places' to work in India. 
In an exclusive interview with me for PodUniversal, Mr Tony Mira said that there is a great career prospects  for Indian youth in this field.  The potential candidates should hold minimum of a gradulation with good spoken and written skills in English.  They should also possess good analytical skils, as the job involves complex transactions.  Since Revenye Cycle Management job involves some improved skills, the compensation is also higher than the other outsourcing companies.  In addition, the candidates get the opportunity for certification and training and developing domain expertise. 
Interested suitable candidates may also send their CV to them at
Please watch the interview with Mr Tony Mira (5 m 38s)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) advises all banks to follow information security norms

Cyber Society of India (CySI), a non-profit organisation formed to create cyber law/security awareness organised an one-day workshop on cyber crimes and cyber security at University of Madras premises, Chennai.  Mr N S Vishwanathan, Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India, Chennai inaugurated the workshop and also explained in brief the guidelines given by 'Gopalakrishna Commitee Report' to the banks on information security.  
Mr N Vittal (left) receives the Life Time Achievement Award
from Mr N S Vishwanathan
Mr N Vittal, Former Central Vigilance Commissioner of India was honoured with 'Life Time Achievement Award'.  Mr P W C Davidar IAS, who was earlier the IT Secretary of Government of Tamilnadu and the first Adjudicator of Tamilnadu  under Information Technology Act was also conferred with 'CySI Fellowship'.
Many experts from Reserve Bank of India, commercial banks, IT industry shared their views in the workshop on the various challenges faced by the consumers in the electronic banking and the urgent need to step up the information security.
Immediately after the inauguration, we interviewed Mr N S Vishwanathan, Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India in the corridors of the University on the 'Gopalakrishna Committee Report'.  
For the information of readers, Reserve Bank of India set up a working group in April 2010 under the chairmanship of Mr G Gopalakrishna, presently Executive Director of Reserve Bank of India to look into the various aspects of Information security and suggest guidelines to all the banks in India.  Accordingly, the Committee submitted its report to RBI, who accepted the report.  The Committee report was circulated to all the banks on 29th April 2011 for impelmentation.  The report may be downloaded by 'right clicking this link and saving to your desktop'.
This 174 page report gives more responsibility on the banks to implement information security systems and also to educate the customers on ebanking.   Please listen to the interview of Mr N S Vishwanathan, who explains the various aspects of this report in brief (5 minutes).

Please watch the photo stream of the workshop.

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