Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nation salutes Indian President Dr Abdul Kalam

PodUniversal Edition 15 - July 2007

After a glorious five years of tenure as President of India, Dr Abdul Kalam hands over charge to the new President and leaves Rashtrapathi Bhavan on 25th July 2007. During his tenure as President of India, he proved himself as "People's President" and he made the President's Palace (Rashtrapathi Bhavan) as "People's Bhavan". He was not worried about the protocol and ceremonial positions. He was meeting thousands of children and common man.

In an exclusive chat with me on the eve of Dr Kalam's retirement from Office, Prof. Y S Rajan, co-author of the book India 2020 with Dr Kalam and his close associate speaks about the achievements of Dr Kalam during his tenure. He also speaks about the future plans of Dr Kalam. (This conversation was recorded over phone). Please listen to the conversation.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A perspective on education in United States - Few tips to aspiring students

PodUniversal Edition 14 - July 2007

During the last week of June 2007, Prime Point Foundation and Stenographers' Guild jointly organised an interaction session at Chennai for students with Prof. Sreenath Sreenivasan, Dean of Students, Columbia University, Graduate School of Journalism, USA.

During this interaction session, Prof. Sreenath Sreenivasan explained the various levels of education in USA, eligibility conditions, Admission procedures, cost aspects, future prospects and common mistakes committed by the students during application stage, etc. He has also provided various useful weblinks which may be of help to the students. Extract of his discussion is reproduced in this podshow for the benefit of global students.

If you want to download the entire podcast, right click this link and save to your desktop. (5.5 mb in wmv format - you can play in windows media player)

You may also view and listen to this podcast from this window. Please click 'click to play' below the image.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Corporate Podcast - An exciting branding and marketing communication tool

PodUniversal Edition 13

Corporate Podcasts are emerging as exciting and revolutionary alternate medium and is sweeping across the globe. Many of the Corporates in US, UK and other European countries have started using podcasts for promoting their brand image and positioning their pdocuts and services.

In the developing countries like India, there is lack of awareness amongst the corporates on this new medium. Public Relations Agencies and Advertisement Agencies need to relook into their strategies and effectively use 'Corporate Podcasts' for their clients. Corporate Podcasts will function as 'formidable ally' to the other channels.

June 2007 issue of Corporate ezine PR-e-Sense deals with the theme 'Corporate Podcast'. Mr Sunil Nair (CEO, Nautanki TV), Mr Syed Nazir Razik (Technocrat) and Ms Chinmayee (a well known Radio and Television Jockey and film playback singer) have given their views on Podcasts. This ezine is also integrated with a podcast in audio form.

Please download the ezine in pdf format 190 k

To listen to the Visual podcast, please click 'click to play' below the image. You can download the entire file in wmv format (can be played through windows media player) by right clicking this link and saving to your desktop (6.2 mb)

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