Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Unidentifiable enemy wages 'cyber war' - Mr Talwant Singh,

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Cyber Society of India organised a one-day workshop at Madras University on 5th October 2012 on the theme "Cyber War: Has it begun?".  Mr Talwant Singh, CBI Special Judge, Patiala Courts, Delhi delivered the key note address.  Mr Talwant Singh is one of the leading experts in India on cyber law and he has authored many articles on the various legal aspects of Information Technology Act and cyber offenses.  

During his speech, Mr Talwant Singh pointed out that Facebook had crossed 1 billion registered users and if it were to be a country, it would be the third largest country in the world, next to China and India.  He also mentioned that distinction between physical world and virtual world was diminishing.

Like 'dynamite', Internet was also invented for good use only.  Later, criminals started using for bad purposes.  Committing an offense in the virtual world was less riskier than committing an offense in the physical world, he said.  

Mr Talwant Singh also said that in the physical world, when a war was fought, the people knew who the enemy was and they could retaliate.  But in the virtual world, an unidentifiable and invisible enemy was waging cyber war.  Till date, none of the countries in the world had recognised the 'cyber war' and signed any treaties, he added.

Mr Talwant Singh suggested that NGOs like Cyber Society of India should create more awareness about the cyber risks and educate the people.  He also prescribed three point formula viz.  (a) creating awareness, (b) getting prepared for such eventuality and (c) retaliating, if needed, to protect the nation and the society to manage the attacks.

Finally, he also said that Government had already advised all the Government Departments to use only the mail ids provided by National Informatics Centre (NIC) with domain extension @nic.in.  He strongly advised all the Government Departments to use only NIC based emails for Government communication instead of web based popular mails, to avoid any data theft.

Please watch and listen to the interesting speech. (19 minutes).

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