Friday, July 22, 2011

Cyber espionage is the greatest threat to Corporates globally

PodUniversal Edition 137
In the earlier days, Corporate espionage used to be a mild threat to successful companies.  The competitors or enemies used to follow some traditional methods of planting their people in the target company as a regular employee, verifying the dust bin, etc.
Now the with technological growth, all the corporate houses are using computers and network.  All the important data is stored in the internal server, which is also connected to the network.  Even the top companies do not follow the cyber security procedures properly.
In order to sensitise the corporates on the 'cyber security' issue,  on behalf of PodUniversal, we spoke to Mr J Prasanna, CEO, AVS Labs.  Mr Prasanna is one of the Cyber Security experts.  According to him, cyber espionage takes place through (1) Email system (2) Company Websites and (3) Internal server.  Mr Prasanna also says that every month 20 to 30 top companies in India are targetted and more than 3000 mails are being watched.  He also adds that very unfortunately, many corporates do not know even that they are being targetted.  In such circumstances, all the companies need to strengthen their 'cyber security' and train their technical professionals to counter such espionage.
Please watch this interview by clicking 'play' button. (6 m 40 sec)
This video may also be watched from the following link.

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