Thursday, May 06, 2010

Journey of the ezine PReSense - Golden Jubilee Edition launch

PodUniversal Edition 101
The Golden Jubilee Edition of Corporate Ezine PReSense (published by Prime Point Foundation) was launched on 1st May 2010 at Chennai in the presence of many eminent personalities. During that occassion, Prime Point Foundation also honoured two top performing MPs and 5 UnSung Heroes.   (PodUniversal Edition 99).  Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India also addressed the audience over phone on that day (PodUniversal Edition 100).
Whille welcoming the audience, K. Srinivasan, Editor-in-Chief took the audience through the journey of the ezine from the first edition to the current 50th edition.  He explained as to how this  ezine had also grown along with the evolution of contemporary technology. Please listen to the speech now (10 minutes). The streaming of this video podcast will be smooth in broadband connections.  If you find any difficulty, you may download (right click this link and save to your desktop)  this in wmv format and watch through windows media player. The script may be downloaded from the following link (pdf 70k)

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Dr Abdul Kalam's inspiring speech on "UnSung Heroes"

PodUniversal Edition 100
In our earlier Edition 99, we have published the photographs of the launch function of the Golden Jubilee edition of corporate ezine PReSense held on 1st May 2010.  During the function, Dr Abdul Kalam, Former Indian President also addressed the audience over telephone from Delhi. During his speech, he brought out three important aspects.
1.  We should be the captain of the problem and we should not allow the problems to defeat us;
2.  We should look for our role models in our home, rather than outside; and
3.   Review of a book 'Tiya'
His inspiring speech in pdf format may be downloaded from the following link (50k)
Please listen to his speech by clicking play button (10 minutes). 

The streaming of this audio will be smooth in broadband connections.  If you find any difficulty, you may download the audio (9 mb in mp3) by right clicking this link and saving the link to your desktop.

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Monday, May 03, 2010

Honouring top performing MPs and UnSung Heroes

PodUniversal Edition 99
April 2010 issue of ezine PReSense is the Golden Jubilee edition of the ezine.  A function was organised to launch the 50th edition of ezine and also a CD containing the past issues of ezine and podcasts.  Mr T S Krishnamurthy, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India launched the Golden Jubilee edition.  Mr N Gopalaswamy, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India launched the CD.
In the function Mr Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, Member of Lok Sabha and Mr S S Ramasubbu, another Member of Lok Sabha were honoured for their top performance in the 15th Lok Sabha during the first year ending March 2010.
India Sudar, Dream India, Helping Minds, Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya and Consumers Association of India were also honoured as 'UnSung Heroes' in the function.
Election Commission of India, Indian Railways and India Post were honoured as 'National pride organisations'.
Highlight of the function was the speech delivered by Dr A P J Abdul Kalam live from Delhi over mobile phone, which was broadcast in the hall.  (we are publishing the audio in our next podcast)
Please watch the function (7 minutes)

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