Monday, January 28, 2008

Documentary film on Dr Abdul Kalam - A worthy gift to the Nation

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VCD coverLast week, a documentary on Dr Abdul Kalam was released at Chennai. The documentary has been produced and Directed by Mr P Dhanapal, CEO, Minveli Media Works. Mr Dhanapal is a great admirer of Dr Kalam. His mission is to spread the message of Dr Kalam across the Nation amongst the youth. As a single person, he devoted more than 30 months in the production of this documentary by collecting various information, materials on Dr Kalam. He was taking the guidance of Dr Y S Rajan (co-author of the book India 2020) and Mr Ponraj (presently Advisor to Dr Kalam) for the authenticity of the information.

The 60 minutes English documentary film was released at Chennai last week by Mr K. Balachandar, doyen of Indian film Industry, in the presence of Dr Kalam. I have seen the documentary fully. I donot find words to appreciate the enormous work that has gone behind this production. This is a 'story in story' type. A grand father tells his grand son Mr K Balachandar, wellknown film director releaes the VCD in the presence of Dr Kalamabout the greatness of Dr Kalam. In the process, speeches of Dr Kalam at various places, including that of European Union have been included. Right from the childhood of Dr Kalam at Rameswaram till his Rashtrapathi Bhavan days are visualised in an interesting manner. At the end, you don't feel that you have spent one hour on this.

Mr Dhanapal has given this New Year gift to the Nation. Inorder to ensure that Dr Kalam's message spreads acorss the Nation, he has priced this VCD, so low at Rs.50/-. This VCD can be used as 'gift' to youth during any memorable occassions. This can be screened in the Schools and colleges.

If you want to get the CD, please contact Mr Dhanapal

Mr Dhanapal can be contacted at or can be contacted at 09282235990

We have taken an exclusive interview (9 minutes 40 sec) with him. Please listen to his interview by clicking to play. Please also watch the trailer of the documentary given below.

Video thumbnail. Click to play

You can listen to this interview from this link also

If you want to download the interview in mp3 format, right click this link and save ( 9.2 mb)

Please watch the trailer of the documentary film (6 minutes)

The trailer can also be viewed from the following link:


  1. Hi this s srinivasan .
    i have still not watched but i have ordered for a copy .
    i read in news paper about the documentary film . i was so surprised to know about this , this will bring a new episode of students life .
    Thanks a lot .


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