Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dr Abdul Kalam's exclusive message to Indian youth

PodUniversal Edition 38

Eight partner organisations of India Vision Group (Suyam Charitable Trust, India Sudar, Dream India, Manam Malarattum, Nandanar Trust, Team Everest, SIGM Foundation and Young Helping Minds), Editorial Board of Vandemataram ezine and Moderators of India Vision Group met Dr Abdul Kalam on 24th July 2008 and briefed about the various projects undertaken by them. Though the meeting started at 12 midnight, Dr Kalam was looking cheerful and fresh, after a day long hectic activities. He spent nearly one hour with the team and gave various suggestions for the development of the Nation.

Visit India vision site to know more about their activities.
At the end of the meeting, the members wanted his message for the Indian Youth. His message was recorded immediately. Please listen to his messge by clicking 'play' button

The podcast may also be listened from the following link


  1. It is excellant sir :-)

  2. Fantastic Sir, Truly Inspiring. Thanks for sharing


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