Thursday, October 09, 2008

Rights and responsibilities of banks and customers - RBI Dy. Governor speaks

Ms Usha Thorat  Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of IndiaEdition 44 - PodUniversal

Indian Banks' Association (IBA) and Consumers Association of India (CAI) organised a seminar on 6th October 2008 at Chennai jointly on the 'Rights and responsibilities of banks and customers'. In this edition, we bring to you an excerpt from the speech of Ms Usha Thorat, Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India. Ms Usha is handling the customer grievances at RBI against all the public sector, private sector and multinational banks operating in India. She is appellate authority for all the banking ombudsman in India.

In her speech, she has touched the very important issues like loan recoveries, penal interest, service charges, credit cards, ATM cards, drop boxes, etc. She has explained the various rights and responsibilities of the commercial banks (including private sector and multinational banks) and the customers.

With the permission of Consumers Association of India, we are publishing the ppt presentation of Ms Usha Thorat in full and excerpts from her speech. The ppt presentation may be downloaded from the following link (157 kb)

Please watch and listen to her speech by clicking 'play' (15 mts). (This needs a minimum of 150 kbps broadband for smooth streaming. If you find that streaming is not fast, please download the file in wmv format and play in windows media player)

This podcast may be listened from the following links also

To download the wmv format of this podcast, right click and save to your desktop (7.6 mb)

Unresolved customer grievances against any banks in India may also be referred to Mr Desikan, Founder, Consumers Association of India to their email id


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