Thursday, November 06, 2008

Moving towards second green revolution in India

Mr C Subramanian, former Union Agriculture Minister
PodUniversal - Edition 48

In the early 1960s, when India was facing acute food crisis, the then Union Agriculture Minister Mr C Subramanian, popularly known as CS, (picture) took serious initiatives in bringing together many scientists and brought in the 'Green Revolution'. CS is now considered the architect and the father of Indian Green Revolution. Recognising his contribution to the food security, Indian Government honoured him with the highest civilian award 'Bharat Ratna'. The first Green revolution was focusing on "Seed to Grain". That means production was given more importance to manage the difficult food situation then.

CS did not stop with this. Till the his 90th birthday, he was thinking over the next green revolution, to remove the negative aspects of first green revolution. In the year 2000. on this 90th birthday, he started his initiative towards second green revolution and started a trust "National Agro Foundation"(NAF). He roped in many eminent people and scientists to 'institutionalise' the movement. Dr Abdul Kalam is also associated with this movement, from the inception. After the death of CS, Dr Kalam became the Chairman of the Board of Governors, till he became the President of India. Now many eminent scientists and visionaries are governing this foundation.

The second green revolution focuses on "soil to market" as against the earlier "seed to grain". The initiative is to help the farmers to understand their soil and then finally to help them to get a good market for their products. Dr Abdul Kalam visited the adopted villages by this foundation on 15th October 2008 and celebrated his birthday with these villagers. Through this gesture, Dr Kalam showed the importance of agriculture and rural segment to the youngsters.

Following the foot steps of Dr Kalam, the representatives from the partner groups of 'India Vision 2020' also visited these villages on 1st November 2008, to understand the importance of second green revolution and to take it forward., terming this as 'Rural Tourism'. In this exclusive podcast, Mr Rajsekar, son of Mr C Subramanian and presently the Managing Trustee of National Agro Foundation talks about the activities of NAF and how they plan to take it forward to the entire nation. Please listen to him (click to play) - 14 minutes

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