Wednesday, December 17, 2008

'None of the above' option to be included in the voting machine

T S Krishnamurthy, former chief election commissioner of IndiaIndian citizens are expecting the announcement of General Elections soon. Probably within three or four months, all the Indian voters will be electing the new Federal Government.

All the Indian voters are concerned with (i) criminalisation of politics, (ii) Politics-Bureaucracy nexus, (iii) educated middle class apathy towards election and their lack of interest in election process, (iv) Election rules 49 (O) and (v) Electoral reforms like inclusion 'None of the above' in ballots, etc.

You may also download the Voters' Guidelines issued by Election Commission of India from the following link. Scroll down to listen to Mr T S Krishnamoorthy.

PodUniversal - Edition 54

In an exclusive interview for PodUniversal, Mr T S Krishnamoorthy, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India shares his views on the above issues frankly. When he was the Chief Election Commissioner of India, for the first time, he introduced Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in all the Parliamentary Constituencies, successfully. during 2004 General Elections.

Please click 'play' to listen to his interview - 10 m. (The audio streaming will be smooth in a broad band of minimum of 100 kbps. If your streaming is not smooth, please download the file in mp3 format and play)

This podcast may be listened from the following link also

Right click to download and save to your desktop ( 9 mb)


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