Thursday, March 19, 2009

Computer networks globally are under vulnerability risk - How to resolve?

PodUniversal Edition 66

Globally, computer networks are under heavy risk. Many of the networks are highly vulnerable for being hacked. If the companies using IT networks do not take care of the 'Information security' aspects, and if there is any data theft from their computers, legally the companies are liable to the customers or to the aggrieved parties. This will also result in the reputation and business loss.

Not only the IT companies should worry about the Information security, but also the Non-IT companies who are using IT networks have to address this issue urgently.

While the companies go for ISO 9000, they do not get the certification for ISO 27001, which takes care of the information security. Nowadays, many of the International companies insist on ISO 27001 for awarding any projects. In future, the companies, who are not certified with ISO 27001 may not be able to get the projects at global market.

On behalf of PodUniversal. we interviewed Mr N R Krishnakumar (Director - Operations), DNV, one of the Global Certifying Authorities and Mr M L Srinivasan, CEO, ChennaiNet, a Vulnerability assessment expert and ISO Auditor to understand the latest trends and risks.

N R Krishnakumar and M L Srinivasan
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