Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beware and be aware - 5000 Indians die of heart diseases every day - It is time to act now!

Dr Satish Gupta, Global Hospital and Research Centre,  Abu Road, RajasthanPodUniversal Edition 85

Today (27th Sep 09) is the World Heart Day. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Dr Satish Gupta, Global Hospitals and Research, Abu Road, Rajasthan. He had dedicated his life to find out alternate treatement for heart diseases through lifestyle changes. With the support of Global Medical Hospital, DRDO, Government of India Ministry of Health and National Yoga Institute, he had conducted extensive research in this direction for nearly 12 years. Dr Abdul Kalam, who was then heading DRDO also supported him in his project and was taking keen interest in the studies.
Three days back, I wrote in detail in the groups about the interview I had with Dr Satish Gupta with more details. More than 5 million people get fresh heart attack in India every year and out of this nearly 12 lakh people die within one month. On an average, nearly 2 million people die every year in India due to heart attacks. That means, every day around 5000 people die of heart disease in India. In spite of this, the awareness level is very low in India.
Though 50 lakh people get heart attacks every year, only 1.60 lakh people could get higher treatements like angioplasty or by-pass surgery. That means more than 95 percent of the affected people are not in a position to get high medical treatment due to cost factors. In view of this, Dr Gupta after various studies and research programmes found out that 'artery blocks' could be removed through proper meditation, diet, good sleep, exercise and with change of life style.
Brahmakumari Centre at Abu Road also conduct free trainings for the people who are affected by heart diseases. Please listen to the full interview ( 29 m 30 sec). Dr Gupta has explained in detail the causes for artery block and tips for prevention. He has also given details for those who want to contact them for training.
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Dr Satish Guptha may be reached at Global Hospitals and Research, Abu Road, Pin code 307 510, Rajasthan.
Their website is
His email id is
PH: +91-2974-228880 & 228600


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