Sunday, November 29, 2009

A software engineer paints on leaf skeleton

Madhangi Mohan holding banyan leaf skeleton

PodUniversal Edition 92
Mandhangi Mohan is a sotware engineer working in one of the leading IT companies at Chennai. She has a passion for paintings from her childhood.
She is involved in glass painting, Tanjore painting, oil painting, fabric painting, poster colour painting, water colour painting. She even paints on wastes like coconut shells, etc.
What is unique is her ability to draw pictures on leaf skeletons. (see her picture holding a leaf skeleton).
It is not so easy to draw pictures on the leaves. She picks up the best suited banyan leaf and passionately prepares each leaf for one month, to get the skeleton. Then she paints the pictures on the leaf skeleton.

Her father Mr Mohan is the Deputy General Manager of BSNL and when I visited their house, I found many pictures adorning the walls of the house. I was amazed by the passion that she has shown for developing this art.
She is quite fortunate that both her father and mother take all the efforts in supporting her initiatives and developing her talents. Though she has not commercialised her talents, shortly, she plans to put an art gallery with all her paintings.
I could not resist the desire of taking a podcast interview with this talented young girl. Please listen to her interview by clicking 'play' button in the flash player below. The audio streaming will be smooth in broadband connections. If the streaming is not smooth, you may download this audio in mp3 format, by right clicking this link and saving the target/link to your desktop.

Madhangi Mohan can be reached through her email
This audio can also be listened from the following links:


  1. Good to know about the talent not smothered and incapcitated by so called formal eduction.

    Only existane of such passion gives meaning for effort & excersion making life.

  2. the one advantage of making a twitter on kolangal is coming to this Poduiversal to know better things. This is a good art work. the leaf art is really awesome.


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