Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to manage the competition through 'competitive intelligence'?

After the globalisation, every company is competing with each other to secure their share of business.  Even the countries are competing with each other to get other's market.
In spite of the huge population and non-transparent communist Government, China is now competing globally with US and other European countries.  Even India is looking at China as a major competitor.
What makes China to become globally powerful?  Is it their product capability only?  The major reason for China's success is the 'competitive intelligence'.
During the recent visit to India, Prof. Muralidharan of Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney in an exclusive interview for PodUniversal explained in detail about the secrets behind China's success story.  He even suggested that instead of looking at China as a competitor, India needs to develop partnership with them.
"Instead of fearing about the competition, learn from the competitors", he said.  In the conversation, he also explained the concepts of business intelligence and the competitive intelligence.  He regretted that Indian companies do not attach much importance to the competitive intelligence, to manage the competition.
He visited India recently, to conduct a workshop at Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai and we have also covered about this workshop in detail in our earlier posting.
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