Friday, August 06, 2010

India's largest medical equipment expo Medicall 2010

PodUniversal Edition 104
India's largest and Asia's third largest medical equipment expo was opened on 6th August 2010.  In this three-day expo, more than 400 exhibitors from China, Germany, Taiwan, England and India have displayed their latest medical equipments.  More than 8000 medical professionals are expected to visit the expo.  
During this three days, various seminars are being held on different medical themes.  This podcast brings out the birds-eye-view of the expo.
Please click 'play button' to watch this visual podcast.

This podcast may also be listened from the following link.


  1. Medical equipment & supplies are needed by basically two main groups of consumers - doctors, medical professionals and lab technicians, and those who require, or are in the position to provide, constant in-home medical care. The cost of these can be great for either of these groups of people, especially for such items that insurance does not cover.


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