Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lord Ganesha symbolises an ideal CEO

PodUniversal Edition 109
Today (11th September 2010) is Ganesh Chaturthi and Hindus across the world celebrate this day  and  worship their favourite God Lord Ganesha popularly known as Lord Vigneshwara or Lord Vinayaka.  Lord Ganesha with His big elephant head, an elephant trunk, two large ears, two small sharp eyes, two tusks (of which one is broken), four hands, a big pot belly with a mouse under His feet symbolises the role of a CEO, to render better governance.
Picture courtesy and source: YGOY
Prof. Bala Balachandran, the Founder of Greatlakes Institute and a globally well known Management Guru during his recent visit to India gave a podcast interview to PodUniversal over phone on the various symbolism of Lord Ganesh.

Please watch / listen to his explanation (12 minutes).

This video may also be watched from the following link. 


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