Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Workshop on presentation and public speaking skills

In my earlier two postings,  I had mentioned about the TNSC Bank Staff Training College and their enthusiasm to train the district central cooperative bank officials on communication skills.  For the third time, I was invited to conduct an half a day workshop to their officials, drawn from different districts.
Workshop on presentation and
and public speaking skills 
I conducted a workshop tody (5th Jan 2011) on presentation and public speaking skills.  After an introductory presentation by myself on the various techniques and steps, we made some of the participants to make presentation on their topic of choice, for two minutes.  Their speeches were video recorded and then displayed for review and analysis.  
Every time, such workshops are conducted, I always observe that the participants assume 'stage fear' and assume 'lack of confidence'.  Once they are given a chance, they do better.  I was very happy that the particpants enjoyed the workshop and got a self confidence to remove the stage fear.  
I always used to admire the commitment of the officials, who are all coming from various rural and semi-urban branches.  The enthusiasm and passion by the Principal Mr Manohar and his team is really worth admiring. This college is situated at Madhavaram and they have been silently doing great job in the nation building.  The urbanised high profile, IT Company managers should visit them once for drawing inspiration from these 'unsung heroes'.
Some of the pictures taken during the workshop:


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