Monday, February 28, 2011

Dr Subramanian Swamy shares his secrets of 'perseverance'

PodUniversal Edition 131
Presently, many people want to achieve their goal.  When they face difficulties or failure, they get disheartened and lose their enthusiasm to pursue their mission.  We commonly see this phenomenon among the younger generation. Dr Subramanian Swamy, President of Janata Party is known for his perseverance.  
Dr Subramanian Swamy
During early 1970s, when Indira Gandhi imposed emergency in India, Dr Swamy was issued with the arrest warrant.  Braving all challenges, he entered into Parliament and presented his views and escaped to other countries.  Now, when, all the media have been writing about  2G scam for the past two years, only because of the sustained efforts of Dr Swamy through judicial route, many arrests were made possible. 
On behalf of PodUniversal, we requested him for an exclusive interview for the Diamond Jubilee edition of ezine (Feb 2011 issue) to get the tips for 'perseverance'.  During our interview, he shared his views in a simple manner. Excerpts from his interview:
"Out put of your efforts is not directly proportional to the efforts.  Some time, you you put in lot of efforts and get nothing; Some time, with least efforts, you get lot.  The same is described in Bhawad Gita as 'karma theory'.  Every one should pursue the goal without tension, putting the best efforts. If you understand and develop this attitude, 'perseverance' comes. If you get disheartened, perseverance evaporates.   
Generally, people are averse to taking risks.  You can not achieve anything without taking risks. When you take the risk, there is a probability of failure also.  Risk taking attitude should be developed.
Perseverance is the amalgam of multiple intelligences like emotional intelligence, social intelligence, moral intelligence and spiritual intelligence.  India is known for the spiritual intelligence, which connects to cosmos."
 Please watch and listen to his inspiring interview by clicking the 'play' button.  (10 minutes).
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