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Quality Circle - A two-way communication tool to resolve problems in organisations

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'Quality Circle' is a tool developed by Japan in early 1980s, to involve the employees and to develop two way communication model.  Many of the Indian manufacturing Companies in India, like TVS Group, Ashok Leyland, Maruti, etc. started encouraging 'Quality Circle' in their companies even in the early 1980s.  
Quality Circle is a two-way communication tool, to identity and resolve the problems in the organisations.  The commitment and involvement of the management is higly essential in the formation of Quality Circle. Quality Circle is a small group of voluntary members coming together to identify and resolve the problems in any organisation.
Quality Circle can be formed for any purposes, where identification and resolution are needed.  Maximum number of members in the Quality Circle can be 10, to be more effective.  There will be a 'facilitator' on behalf of the management to be the bridge between the top management and the quality circle.  The members will elect a 'leader' and 'deputy leader' among themselves to coordinate the activities.
Quality Circle meetings will be held during 'office hours' only.  An organisation can have any number of Quality Circles, depending on the need.
In the first stage, management encourages the formation of 'Quality Circle' in every department, out of the volunteers.  Nobody should be compelled to be part of the Quality Circle, and it is purely voluntary, irrespective of their cadre and position.   Then the Quality Circle members will elect their leader and deputy leader.  
In the next stage, they will identity the problems in their own department and prioritise the issues.  After identification of issues and prioritisation  they will take the problems one by one for solving.  Through brain storming techniques, the group will try to find the best solution for the problems. 
V K Venkataramani
Many of the traidtional companies have been encouraging this Quality Circle concept.  It is a bottom-top approach and it involves the employees.  The new generation companies also have similar project meetings.  But in most of the cases, they are only 'top-down' approach.  The new generation companies also can try to introduce Quality Circle Concept to resolve their problems.
In an exclusive interview with PodUniversal, Mr V K Venkataramani, one of the Quality Consultants explains the concept and the step by step procedures. Please listen to his interview (5 minutes) by clicking the 'play' button in the player.

The interview also may be listened from the following link


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