Monday, August 22, 2011

Make Lokpal as Constitutional Authoiry to fight corruption

PodUniversal Edition 140
As I publish this Podcast, Anna Hazare's fast has entered 7th day and many youth in India have come on streets demanding Jan Lokpal bill to be accepted by the Government of India.  Already the Government has introduced Lokpal bill in the Parliament.  Jan Lokpal Bill provides more teeth to fight corruption.
With this background, I spoke to Mr Era Sezhiyan, a well known octogenarian Parliamentarian and Mr T S Krishna Murthy, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India to get their views on this bill.
Both of them are of the view that Lokpal is to be made as a Constitutional Authority like Supreme Court, CAG and Election Commission.  For this purpose, they suggest a constitutional amendment to be introduced in the Parliament, instead of a bill for an Act.  Also, Mr Krishna Murthy says that CVC and CBI are to be brought under Lokpal to fight corruption.
Please listen to their views in the Podcast (6 minutes).
This audio may also be listened from the following link.  If you want to download this audio, right click this link and save to your desktop as MP3 file. (5 MB) 


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