Sunday, February 11, 2007

PodMagazine Edition 2 - Indian President Dr Abdul Kalam speaks on 'quality in education'

Prime Point Foundation proudly announces the release of the second edition of PodUniversal, India's first Pod Magazine. We are greatly honoured to bring out the full version of the inspiring speech delivered by Indian President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam recently on the National Youth Day.

Dr Kalam launched the e-learning collaborative portal by CII-Shiksha India at Delhi on 12th Jan 07. He emphasised the need for our educational system to make the youth 'more employment generators', rather than 'employement seekers'.

He is also talking about the role of teachers in developing vision amongst the youth. Prof. Y S Rajan, Principal Advisor to CII and one of the architects of CII- Shiksha India gives a brief introduction about this unique project, which helps the Schools free of cost.

Please click 'play' in the flash player below to listen to streaming audio (20 minutes). Streaming audio is comfortable with broadband. If you find any difficulty in listening to streaming audio, please download the mp3 file (19 mb) to your desk top and listen through any mp3 player.

Click here to download mp3 file (19 mb)
Click here to download the text of the speech


  1. i iam studing 9th and i like mr apj abdul kalam sir not only me my hole school like mr abdul kalam
    i wish he coul be the prisedent of india again during his period india was well develeped

  2. Great speech,Oath taking may be made mandatory & integral part of Teacher Education program.
    A teacher educator s. k.lucknow

  3. I have great respect for Kalam. I always keep in my mind my role in this mission is to very sincerly and honestly.


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