Sunday, January 21, 2007

PodUniversal - India's first Pod-Magazine : Edition 1 (Jan 07)

Prime Point Foundation announces the launch of India's first Pod-Magazine 'PodUniversal'. The first edition (Edition 1) contains an Editorial and three features of common interest in podcast format, as follows :

1. Editorial in Editor's voice;
2. Feature on PSLV-C7 launch by India - excerpts form interview;
3. Computer Vision Syndrome - Protecting your eyes - simple tips - excerpts from an interview; and
4. How to become Television anchor and actor - excerpts from an interview

Please click 'play to listen to the 'Pod-Magazine' - 'Pod-jockey' for this Edition is Ms Veena Vinod. (12 m)
. (Streaming audio works in broadband comfortably. If you find any difficulty in streaming, kindly download the audio in mp3 file to your desktop and listen through any mp3 player)

Download mp3 file (11 mb)

Click for listening to full length interview of other features referred in this Pod-magazine

1. Launch of PSLV-C7 rocket - Interview with Prof. Y S Rajan
2. Protecting your eyes from computer vision syndrome - Interview with Dr Rajini Kantha
3. How to become TV anchor and actor - Interview with Ms Prithi Raj


  1. Hello Mr.Srinivasan... nice efforts & awesome to find d first pod-magazine from India... i'm sure this wud set a gud example other "podcast" aspirants... Good Luck...

    Also, Veena, good luck to u toooo :)

  2. I enjoyed the podcast , because I was interested to listen to the Computer Vision Syndrome so I found the contect good.
    I think you should do the podcast more than once a month. You re the first to do a podcast out of India? I think you should do one at least fortnightly , ideally one a week , to come out on a certain day.
    I think the podcast will be ideal to learn about India and the issues that matter to India.
    I am in the UK so am naturally interested in what is important to India.
    I liked the music which compliments the show.
    I want to know more about the presenters - this is important to me and maybe others because it is not just about content , but also about fellow podcasting geeks. So I want to see more and hear more about the ordinary lives , stuff I cannot see on TV or hear on the radio. I think that is the purpose of podcasting , to provide the audience with something very personal to them , so that you get to talk to listeners directly every week. Good luck !! And thank you for doing the podcast!

  3. Congratulations Mr. Srinivasan. I enjoy your podcasts and look forward to many more such interviews....


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