Saturday, May 19, 2007

Adam's bridge (also known as Ramar bridge), an ancient Indian heritage is under destruction against all protests

PodUniversal - Edition 8 - May 2007

Adam's bridge, also popularly known as "Ramar bridge" believed to have been constructed by Lord Rama with the support of Lord Hanuman at Rameswarm is under destruction hurriedly, against all protests. The Indian Government argues that there is no documentary evidence to prove the heritage.

In this podShow, Dr S Kalyanaraman, an eminent researcher produces all documentary evidences for the existence of man made bridge. He also warns that if the bridge is destroyed, it would cause damage to ecology and also provide a greater risk to western India, if next Tsunami occurs.

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  1. This edition of podmagazine provided very clear documentary evidences for Ramar Bridge and clearly laid out the reasons to choose an alternate path.

    I wish this document and other related documents are sent to Supreme Court when the Supreme Court hears the PIL filed by Swami Sri Vidyananda Bharatiji on May 28th. (URL :

    Is the reason that it hurts Hindu sentiments not sufficient to stop the destruction of the bridge ? I am surprised why the Supreme Court or the govt wants more evidences.

    If it were to hurt Muslim or Christian sentiments, would the govt or court allow a destruction of their holy monuments ? I feel very bad about the fact that the Indian Govt & the State govt are always against Hindu sentiments. I am surprised to see that majority of the media has not given enough coverage & support against destruction of the Rama Sethu, when compared to their support / coverage on reservation issues / minority issues.

    I am happy that your Pod magazine has made a very good attempt in addressing these issues... I would be very happy to see a copy of this edition reach the Supreme Court & our beloved President for their attention and suitable action to stop destruction of Rama Sethu.

    The National Geographic website clearly shows a zoomable satellite picture of Rama Sethu.

    1. Please click on this URL :

    2. Double click on the India Srilanka border region
    3. Continue to double click till you reach the Rameswaram - Ramar bridge - Mannar location
    4. Switch to Satellitle view (click on the Satellite tab above the map)

    You can very clearly see the coral bridge connecting India and Srilanka.

    Google Earth and Yahoo maps do NOT show this region clearly, where as National Geographic shows it very clearly.

  2. We should save our historical places which is
    the god of hindu rama
    we should not allow to destroy this by the
    sedhu samuthra project


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