Saturday, May 26, 2007

A world heritage Adam's bridge (Ramar sethu) under destruction - Tamil Podcast

Last week, we had released a visual podcast furnishing the scientific and historic evidences on Adam's bridge (Ramar Sethu or Ramar bridge) at Rameswaram, connecting India and Srilanka. The podcast had received tremendous response and we had received lot of requests for versions in other Indian languages. Today, we are releasing the Tamil version of the earlier podcast.

Adam's bridge, also known as Ramar bridge or Ramar Sethu, a historic monument is being destroyed by Indian Government, against all protests from religious groups, environmentalists, ecologists, geologists, Tsunami experts and other eminent persons, as part of Sethu Samudram Canal project (SSCP). The Government has officially declared in the Parliament that there was no evidence for such bridge.

In this podcast, Dr S Kalyanaraman, an eminent and internationally renowned researcher on Indian heritages furnishes historic and scientific evidences for the bridge. He also warns the risks involved in breaking open the Ramar bridge, when the next Tsunami occurs.

If you want to download the entire file in wmv format (can be played through windows media player), right click on this link and save in your computer (11.6 mb).

You can watch the podcast here, by clicking 'click to play' below


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