Friday, June 08, 2007

Greenpeace to internationalise Setu issue (Gulf of Mannar)

PodUniversal - Edition 10 - June 07

Greenpeace, an International organisation for environment protection will internationalise the Sethu Canal project issue. In an exclusive and fist podcast interview, Mr Sanjiv Gopal, Oceans Campaign Manager, Greenpeace India says that Sethu Samudram Canal project will not be viable and would damage the ecology. He also says that Greenpeace would internationalise the issue, if it is required. They would also take up with UNESCO for declaring the site as 'World heritage'. Please listen to the full interview. (14 m 50 s)

Please listen to the visual podcast by clicking 'click to play'.

If you want to download the file in wmv format (can be played in your windows media player), right click this link and save in your desktop. ( 6 mb)


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