Friday, June 15, 2007

Managing your stress in office environment - 3 simple steps

PodUniversal Edition 11 and 12 June 07

During the second week of June 07, PodUniversal conducted an online quick survey to study the level of stress amongst the people and the reasons, they feel. Based on the survey, we conducted two exclusive podcast interviews with Mr D V Sridhar (Founder Director, Yogaraksanam), an eminent Yoga therapy expert and Ms Sangeetha Madhu, an eminent Counsellor and Clinical Psychologist (both based at Chennai). Mr Sridhar gives three simple steps to relieve the stress in the office environment. Ms Sangeetha Madhu explains the reasons for stress with some case studies and gives solutions to cope with the stress.

If you want to download the podshow in wmv format (can be played in windows media player) right click on the links given below and save in your desktop.

Podcast of Mr D V Sridhar (right click this link and save) (4.7 mb)

Podcast of Ms Sangeetha Madhu (right click this link and save) ( 3.74 mb)

If you want to listen to the podcast, please click 'click to play' button below the images. (There are two podcasts)

PodUniversal Edition 11 - Mr D V Sridhar

PodUniversal Edition 12 - Ms Sangeetha Madhu


  1. dear mr srinivasan,
    A very important issue that needs immediate attention. Thanks a ton and keep up your good work. The tips by both Mr Sridhar and Ms Sangeetha is useful ( especially DREAM )

  2. Most of us suffer due to stress, but sometimes the work pressure is too high that we feel we are too busy to even relieve ourselves from stress :-(... This podcast clearly detailed out the reasons for stress and gave good tips to rescue ourselves from stress related problems.

    I am sure that the simple Pranayama techniques and the DREAM technique explained in these 2 podcasts would be a very useful solution to relieve most of us from the stressful work days. Thanks for the wonderful podcast.

    - Jayatheerthan


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