Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nation salutes Indian President Dr Abdul Kalam

PodUniversal Edition 15 - July 2007

After a glorious five years of tenure as President of India, Dr Abdul Kalam hands over charge to the new President and leaves Rashtrapathi Bhavan on 25th July 2007. During his tenure as President of India, he proved himself as "People's President" and he made the President's Palace (Rashtrapathi Bhavan) as "People's Bhavan". He was not worried about the protocol and ceremonial positions. He was meeting thousands of children and common man.

In an exclusive chat with me on the eve of Dr Kalam's retirement from Office, Prof. Y S Rajan, co-author of the book India 2020 with Dr Kalam and his close associate speaks about the achievements of Dr Kalam during his tenure. He also speaks about the future plans of Dr Kalam. (This conversation was recorded over phone). Please listen to the conversation.


  1. The exclusive podcast released for complimenting Dr Abdul Kalam on the day of his handing over the charges to his successor is very much timely and the contents are very good. I congradulate PodUniversal for this sincere effort. I am a regular visitor to your site. All the podcasts of PodUniversal are of very high standards and they are prepared after a thorough research and hard work. Keep it up and I wish you success in all your efforts.
    Dr U. Sridharan


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