Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Music, and dance develop 'team playing skills'

A scene from the dance - Lord Vishnu as NarasimhaPresently, the biggest challenge before the Corporates across the globe is the lack of 'team playing skills'. Many of the HR Managers complain that the team members do not sync with the team policy or team project. The problem arises, because, the children right from their school days, are not allowed to play in a team. They learn to live separately and independently. Many of the parents care more for the education of their children, than developing their skills to sync with the society. Only good 'team players' subsequently become 'good leaders'.

I had the opportunity of witnessing a wonderful dance event organised by Premalaya Natyaniketan at Nanganallur, suburb of Chennai. This Institution trains large number of young children in Traiitional Bharata Natyam (Indian classical dance).

Four children viz. Sunanda (Age 13), Bhoomija (Age 9), Sripriya (Age 11) and Sruthi (Age 12) are the students of 'Premalaya Natyaniketan'. They have been performing their shows together in various Sabhas and Temples even at this age. The event I witnessed was their 60th joint performance. :)

The manner in which these children synchronised their dance performance with behind-the-scene operators like Choregrapher Latha Aravindan, Musician Sowmya and Sarayu (Jathi) was really amazing. I also understood that these children were not only excelling in their dance performance, but also in their studies.

It made me to think further. How such activities trigger the young children to perform better in other fields too. I wanted to share my joy and concern with other netizens too. . In my personal view only music, dance and sports will help the youth to develop 'team playing skills'. Parents should provide more opportunities for the children. The entire 90 minutes show is brought down in 9 m 30 seconds.

Please click 'play' to watch the video. (The streaming will be smooth in broad band connections. If you find streaming not smooth, right click this link and save the link to your desktop to download wmf format of the file. The file can be played through windows media player.

The video may also be watched from the following link


Latha Aravindan (Premalaya Natyaniketan) may be contacted at latha_aravindan_ajay@yahoo.co.in


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