Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dr Abdul Kalam appeals to youth to spare one hour every day for their body and mind

Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

PodUniversal Edition 90
Today (16th October) is the birthday of Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, former Indian President, who is being hailed as 'People President'. On this day, PodUniversal offers humble 'pranams' to Dr Abdul kalam and prays Almighty to give him long and healthy life to guide the youth of the globe.
When the Action 2020 team of India Vision online group met Dr A P J Abdul Kalam on 7th October 2009, I recorded an exclusive message from him. PodUniversal takes pride in publishing this exclusive message to coincide with his birthday.
In his messge, Dr Abdul Kalam appeals to all young people, to spare atleast one hour every day to keep body and mind healthy. He has prescribed 3D Healthcare.
(1) He suggests all youth take fibrous food; (2) spend one hour daily in walking or games or any physical exercise and (3) to sit on Meditation. Dr Kalam says that even at this age of 78, he never misses one-hour walk every day, wherever he is.
Please listen to his exclusive message by clicking 'play' button in the flash player below (5 m 45s). The audio streaming will be smooth in broadband connections. If astreaming is not smooth, you may right click this link and save the link/target as mp3 format in your desktop and listen.

The audio may also be listened from


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