Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Innovation is the key for national and individual growth" - Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Sitting L to R: K. Srinivasan, Dr Abdul Kalam and Arvind Thiagarajan
PodUniveral Edition 119
I had the great opportunity of meeting and interacting with our Former President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on 10th November 2010.  Mr Arvind Thiagarajan, serial inventor also accompanied me to show his latest device invented by him, to check the heart murmur within 10 seconds.  
Though, I have met  personally Dr Abdul Kalam and spoken to him over phone several times, every time, I meet him, I really feel excited to interact with him. I always feel that is generating a positive vibration like great Sages of this nation.  In a child like enthusiasm, Dr Kalam was using the device to check how it was working.  He also gave few important technical suggestions to Arvind for further  improving the use of this device.
At the end of our conversation, I requested him a brief message to our Indian youth exclusively for PodUniversal and India Vision members.  I requested him to give his views on the importance of innovation in the nation development.  He sat in silence for 10 seconds and started his message.  Within one minute and three seconds, he conveyed a wonderful message for the youth with all clarity.  That is his power of communication.  Please watch his message by clicking 'play' button in the player below.
The video may also be viewed from the following link:
Please see the photo-show of our meeting.


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