Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feature on Education Loan Scheme in India

PodUniversal Edition 97
In our earlier PodUniversal Edition 96, we had published a freewheeling conversation with Dr K C Chakrabarty, Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India on Education Loan Schemes in India.  In his interview, Dr Chakrabarty had suggested an "Insurance Scheme" to be introduced by Government of India to encourage Bankers to provide more education loans to deserving students.  He has also assured that no deserving student should be denied education opportunity.

Based on the interview with the Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India, we spoke over mobile  to Mr T K Rangarajan, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha (representing CPI M). 
1.  Mr Rangarajan has agreed with Deputy Governor of RBI for introduction of Insurance Scheme for Education Loans in India, to encourage Bankers'
2.  He also wants a total approach towards Education, including Primary and Secondary Education'
4.  Though, he has not made up his mind about separate outfit for education loan, he suggested a separate exclusive branch / department by all the banks to focus on education loan to deserving students. 
3.  He has also assured to take up in Rajya Sabha and with Hon'ble Finance Minister during Budget Session  to improve the Education Loan Schemes and to ensure that more number of deserving students get the assistance from Banks.
India Vision Group will be discussing further  with Mr T K Rangarajan MP, to facilitate him to take up in Parliament.
Please listen to the Feature on Education Loan, including the itnerview with Mr T K Rangarajan, by clicking the 'play' button in the flash player below ( 7 minutes).  The streaming of the audio will be smooth in broadband connections.  If you find any streaming difficulty, you may right click this link and save target/link to your desktop to  download the audio in mp3 format (6 mb).


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