Monday, October 25, 2010

Era Sezhiyan, a celebrated Parliamentarian gives tips for effective communication

Era. Sezhiyan
Mr Era. Sezhiyan (88) is  one of the well respected Parliamentarians and Statesmen of India.  He has served both the House of Parliament for more than 22 years continuously till 1984.  He is well known for his Parliamentary debates. Whenever he used to raise to speak in Parliament, even the Prime Ministers used to listen to him carefully.  Many a times, due to his debate, even the Budgets were modified.  
He is still considered an authority on Financial matters of the Governance.   Even at his 88th age, he is keeping updated with the global Parliamentary practices.  He is also one of the Founders of Janata Party and then Janata Dal along with Jayaprakash Narayan, Morarji Desai and few others.  For many constitutional matters, even today, many of the National and International media used to take his views.  Due to his poor health, he has restricted his public meetings.
On 24th October 2010, he interacted with the participants of Business Communication Course at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai.  As one of the celebrated Parliament debater, he shared his views on effective communication.  According to him, whether it is a political communication or corporate communication, the concept remains the same.  In an exclusive interview for PodUniversal, we asked him what was his secret of communication, which made everybody to turn to him.  Some of the views are:
1.  Communication should come from the heart; Communication in flowery languages to please the auidence and without any purpose is not an effective communication'
2.  Clarity of theme is needed for communication'
3.  People with good knowledge should come out openly with their views;
4.  Keep in mind that the people listening to you are not inferior to you;
5.  Communication should be to share your knowledge and to improve others;
6.  Morality and value should be embedded in the communication.
Please watch his interview in this video, by clicking 'play' button.  (4 minutes).  Since this was recorded in the class room, external noises could not be avoided.
The video can also be viewed from the following link


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