Thursday, November 04, 2010

Word's first device to detect heart murmur invented by an Indian Scientist

Mr Arvind Thiagarajan (30), a serial inventor and a scientist has invented and introduced a new handy device HDFonoDoc, which can detect murmur in the heart within 10 seconds. Arvind Thiagarajan holds more than 40 patents in his name.
Auscultation is an ancient method, through which experts were able to detect the defects in our body system through 'sound'.  Stethoscope, used by the doctors is based on this method.
How cardiac problems can happen?
Cardiac problems can occur due to (a) electrical and (b) mechanical defects in the heart.  Electrical problems are now detected through the device known as ECG.  ECG cannnot provide mechanical defects.
To find out mechanical problems, the patients have to go to Echo Cardiographs, which is costly and available in select centres.  The analysis of the data needs to be done by a specialist doctor.  Even if a patient wants to rule out the possibility of heart problems, he has to go to Echo Cardiography.  That adds pressure on the experts also.
Murmur in the heart
Murmur in the heart can happen due to (a) blockage in the heart valve, (b) leakage in the heart valve and (c) hole in the heart.  If the murmur is not detected and corrected in time, it may cost the life.
Using the method of 'Auscultation', Arvind Thiagarajan has invented a new device 'HDfonoDoc', which can detect the murmur in the heart within 10 seconds.  This device has received FDA approval from US and CE approval from Europe.  Indian Government has also certified this device.
In an exclusive interview for PodUniversal, he has demonstrated the use of this device.  Please watch this 7 minute interesting video.
This interview may also be watched from


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