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Bhagwad Gita defines 'leadership' relevant for modern days.

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Bhagwad Gita, rendered by Lord Krishna during the Mahabarata war is more than a spiritual text book. Gita contains lot of management techniques and tips.

In the present day competitive world, we find dearth of leadership. People always mistake the leadership either as position or power. Many of the great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King never held any positions or enjoyed any powers. They were conducting themselves as 'role models' for others.

Today, many corporate leaders talk more and never 'walk the talk'. That is not leadership. Whatever the leader does, it should be followed by others. The leader should leave a legacy behind him.

Mr Srikumar Menon, a Corporate Trainer and passionate researcher on Bhagwad Gita quotes from Chapter 3 of Bhagawad Gita, under Karmayoga. In one of the slokas, Lord Krishna in response to a question of Arjuna, explains the qualities of a 'leader' or a 'role-model'. Lord Krishna says that a leader should be one who is being followed by others. Please listen to the podcast of Mr Srikumar Menon, who explains the sloka in a simple language. (7 minutes)

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  1. n the storm of life we struggle through myriads of stimuli of pressure, stress, and muti-problems that seek for a solution and answer. We are so suppressed by the routine of this every life style that most of us seem helpless. However, if we look closely to ancient techniques we shall discover the magnificent way to understand and realize the ones around us and mostly ourselves. If only we could stop for a moment and allow this to happen. May all beings be happy (Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu)

    Let me bow to Indian Maharishi Patanjali with folded hands who helped in removing the impurities of the mind through his writings on Yoga, impurities of speech through his writings on grammar, and impurities of body through his writings on Ayurveda.
    The American justice Dept. have recently approved the power of yoga and meditation vide a recent judgement in the American court." Man Who Slapped Wife Sentenced to Yoga, It's Anger Management, Says Judge." First there was house arrest. Now there's yoga.Yogi is a seer or sage who, by deep and long meditation, prayer, study of man and the universe, at last reaches illumination or wisdom, whereby he thoroughly understands the many perplexing problems of life and can solve them. The Yogis have the very highest respect and the purest love for women. We know that woman is a finer organization than man, and in India, you never hear the Hindus of culture or refinement ever refer to woman as the "weaker vessel." Man to reach his highest development must look up to woman, the mother of creation, and love her with the highest and purest love, and respect her with the highest respect. No man can become great until he has this respect for woman. Woman is the "finer vessel," and not the "weaker vessel."
    Meditation can control anger also. "Anger is a very powerful emotion that can
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  2. One of the greatest contributions of India to the world is Holy Gita
    which is considered to be one of the first revelations from God. The
    eighteen chapters of the Bhagavad-Gita are found in the
    Bhisma-parva(23-40), of Mahabharata which was compiled by Veda Vyasa.
    Let me bow with folded hands to Indian Maharishi Veda Vysa, who
    contributed to the world the “supreme knowledge” through his writings
    on various sacred texts. Gita is one of the most popular and
    accessible of all Indian scriptures, which is to be studied by anyone
    interested in Indian philosophy. The Gita teaches how one’s aim can be
    achieved; howsoever it may be difficult, by doing his duty with
    devotion, and meditation, integrating many different threads of Indian
    philosophy. It gives correct solution to all the problems in human
    life. One has to do his duty as mother looks after a child. Among all
    the sacred texts of India, the Bhagavad-gita greatly influenced the
    east and the west. Many philosophers, transcendentalists were deeply
    influenced by its insights, and thousands of individuals struggling
    with many problems have found comfort and wisdom in its pages. The
    Gita begins with Sri Krishna explaining the essence of human being
    that he is not the body but the immortal soul. The ancient science of
    life is called the Bhagavad Gita from the great country India that
    invented the number zero. All dimensions of human life have been
    explained in this. Bhagavad-Gita has, for more than two millennia,
    served as a guide to liberation through a life of knowledge, devotion,
    and action without attachment to results. The influence of this most
    renowned of all the Indian scriptures has spread far beyond its
    religion of origin to inspire figures as diverse as Henry David
    Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Aldus Huxley, and C. G. Jung. Their
    translations stand out from all the others first of all for its
    careful faithfulness to the original language, but also for the
    extensive tools for understanding. These are excellent resource for
    serious students, but it’s also the perfect version for first-time
    readers who want to approach the text with understanding.


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