Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What prompted Jarnail Singh to throw shoe on Home Minister - Exclusive interview

Jarnail Singh asking question to the Minister, before the incidentPodUniversal Edition 70

When Indian Home Minister Mr P Chidambaram was addressing a Press Conference at Delhi on 7th April 2009 at Congress Head Quarters, one Mr Jarnail Singh, a reporter of a Hindi daily asked the Minister as to why Jagadish Tytlar was given 'clean chit' by CBI from 1984 Sikh riots. It may be recalled that during 1984 Sikh riots, more than 2700 Sikhs were killed in Delhi and Jagadish Tytlar was also accused of his involvement in the riots.

Not convinced with the reply of the Minister, Mr Jarnail Singh, threw his shoes on the Minister as mark of his protest. The shoe did not hit the Minister directly and it fell on his side. When this event was shown live, there was a heated debate as to the behaviour of the journalist. On the other side, there are also debates about the scant respect given by the Government on the sentiments of Sikh community.

Mr Jarnail Singh, though was removed from the Press Conference Hall, was subsequently left off without registering any case. Though Jarnail Singh is believed to a calm, religious and soft person, some 'hidden emotions' in him has made him to throw the shoes on the Minister.

On behalf of PodUniversal, I contacted Mr Jarnail Singh over his mobile and asked him, "what made him to behave like that in the Press Conference". In an exclusive interview with me, he regretted for his emotional outburst and he is also prepared to say 'sorry' to the Minister when he meets him next time. Please listen to his free and frank interview by clicking 'play' button in the flash player. (The audio streaming will be smooth in broad bands. If you encounter any difficulty, please download the audio in mp3 format and play through your mp3 player).

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