Saturday, April 04, 2009

Shortcut to become a celebrity - Attack pubs and girls!

Pramod Muthalik, Sri Ram SenaPodUniversal Edition 69

Mr Promod Muthalik, Founder of Sri Ram Sena was the most unknown and insignificant person of Mangalore till two months back. One day, he attacked the local pub and few girls who were there. The entire media including Television cameras published this event and made him the most popular man of India. All political parties and senior leaders started condemning him and demanded his arrest. The Televisions were giving minute to minute development of the event.

The women organisations across the Nation, on their part, started condemning him, which were published in all the media. The terrorists also did not lag behind in their attempt to make him a 'celebrity'. They also seem to have added him on their 'hit list' along with Varun Gandhi.

Pramod Muthalik visited Chennai today (4th March 2009) amidst tight security. The entire media converged on him. Muthalik, with his smiling and beaming face addressed a 'big' Media Conference explaining his plan of actions.

When the entire media fraternity, senior political leaders, women activists and even the terrorists have all joined together to make him more and more popular and a National Hero, i did not want to be left alone. So, I also decided to contribute my share to make him a 'great warrior'. I could manage to get 5 to 6 minutes of his busy schedule to interview him exclusively for PodUniversal. I asked him few embarassing questions and he answered everything in a smiling manner. (He has learnt to be a good leader within this two months).

Moral of the story : If you want to become popular over night and be recognised by Media, women activists, political leaders and even terrorists, attack the pubs and girls. They will take care of the rest and you can sit and enjoy your leadership position. You can even start dreaming of becoming the next Prime Minister and start a party!

Please listen to his interview by clicking 'play button' in the flash player seen below. (Audio streaming will be smooth in broad band connections. If the streaming is not smooth, please download the audio in mp3 format and play in your media player)

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