Saturday, January 06, 2007

HR Branding for small and medium companies

Mr B Suresh Kamath, Founder and Managing Director of Laser Soft Infosystems Limited, Chennai talks about HR branding for small and medium companies. Presently, large and multinational companies attract talents by offering huge compensation. Small and medium companies are finding it difficult to manage the situation and attract talents.

Mr Kamath suggests ways and means for small and medium companies to attract talents. Mr Kamath was honoured by Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai with 'distinguished alumnus Award' during 2001 and again by President of India in Dec 2005 with a National Award for his unique HR Policies. Laser Soft employees maximum number of physically challenged persons in the Indian software industry.

Please listen to the podcast interview with Mr Kamath 10 m 16 sec

Click to download the mp3 file to your desktop (9.4 mb)

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