Sunday, January 07, 2007

Removal of untouchability from India - a model village in Andhra

Can untouchability be removed from the villages of India? Mr Jayachandra Naidu of Govardhanagiri village of Andhra Pradesh has three dreams:

1. Remove the names of all the Dalit Colonies indicating the caste names and rename them with generic names.

2. Make Brahmins to perform Vedic recitation in the Dalit villages

3. All person irrespective of their religion and caste should be cremated in a single burial ghat after death and not in different places.

Mr Jayachandra Naidu has already implemented his vision in his village. In an exclusive podcast interview with K. Srinivasan, speaks about his vision and how he implements.

Please click 'play' to listen to the streaming audio: (20 m 58 s)

Download the mp3 file (17 mb)


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